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Caroline loves making unusual wedding cakes; she can model the bride and groom as teddies or  recreate their old camper van. She can match your wedding colours and even your venue. Pretty much whatever you want - just ask....

A picture in blue and ivory

Three tiers of different sponge cakes decorated with ivory swirls, delicate stencil work, edible cake lace and edible sequins. All topped with sugar flowers.

Birds of a feather

This fruit cake has the bride and groom and their daughter depicted on the top as chocolate peacocks

(their guinea-pig also appears as himself)

The sides of the cake have a handpainted landscape of the venue- the beautiful Northbrook Park Near Farnham

Antony and Cleo

This cake was for a wedding where the bride and groom were dressed as the famous historic lovers. The groom is depicted in Roman armour at the feet of his Queen as she languishes on her chaise.


The butterflies on this cake are handmade from gelatine- they are so light and delicate that they flutter in the lightest of breezes.

A Blue-&-White chocoholic's delight

This cake is four tiers of different flavoured chocolate sponge -

milk chocolate,

dark chocolate and orange,

white chocolate and vanilla and

white chocolate and raspberry. 

The happy couple are modelled in....yes, you guessed - chocolate! 

A Wasted Youth?

A mature couple marrying wanted to recapture their younger, carefree days. This was one of their wedding cakes and is full of little personal touches about their life together.

...and "Action"!

This cake for a couple's marriage at the Pinewood Film Studios went totally over the top. The base is a clapper-board, the bottom tier a film tin, the middle tier a cinema foyer and the top tier a roll of old-school 35mm movie stock. The cakes themselves were a fruit cake, a lemon-drizzle and a white chocolate sponge.

If you go down to the woods today...

This cake is three tiers of fruit- but the traditional element stops there. The wedding party is all depicted as teddy bears and the picnic is based upon the actual wedding breakfast. Even the little gramophone on the right, which is made out of icing, plays "The Teddy Bears' Picnic" then the handle is turned.

Hearts & Cupcakes

This couple wanted a combination of 'cuttable' cake and cupcakes- so that's what they got. All the flowers are edible organic crystallised rose petals and  the confetti on the cake is made from sugar paste.

Please be seated

The couple wanted to be depicted less formally but not informally- so they were seated on the top of their cake. The cake was also decorated with edible cake lace as well as edible sugar flowers.

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