Cakes for Grown-ups

You may want to release your inner child or get a bit naughty. You may want to make some sneaky jokes or simply create a cake that is so bespoke and relevant that it will make your guests' jaws drop.

For the serious shop-a-holic, a serious cake

You start with this....
...then move to this...
...and finally get this...Just what the young fella ordered.
"Mind the Gap"

This couple met on Wimbledon Station- it wasn't a Brief Encounter- this was their 20th anniversary cake.

...the name's Bond....

He'd always said he wanted an Aston Martin for his birthday, so she got him one.





And he ate it!

...the body beautiful...

Is this the origin of the term "eye-candy"? Who knows, but it is certainly tasty.

If music be the food of love...

What does a chap get for a Fulham supporting, piano playing, rose growing wife for her anniversary?

A grand piano, a footy towel, the sheet music from their wedding and a miniature of their wedding picture... all made from cake and icing, that's what.'s my birthday and you forgot the cake...

The caterers had to be stopped in the nick of time from watering the cake.  Seriously, they honestly thought it was a floral decoration whereas it is in fact sponge cake and sugar.

Trulli Scrumptious

This cake is an architectural model of the anniversary couple's second home- a traditional Trulli in Puglia, Southern Italy. Luckily they were staying at their first home in the UK for their party so the cake didn't have to travel overseas.'d be forgiven for thinking that this is NOT a cake....


...but the proof of the pudding...

Not only is the leg of lamb itself made from cake, but the vegetables are also all made from fondant icing and the carving set is fashioned from modelling chocolate

After handpainting this Caroline really needed a triple-gin score. There are an awful lot of squares on a Scrabble Board.

This cake demonstrates again Caroline's ability to get lots of different aspects of a person's life into a cake; milk, chickens and carpentry..

This violin is made entirely of cake and sugar- even the strings got eaten.
...sadly not Eddie Jordan...

Eddie's passion is Mini racing - the cake is a bit smaller than his car but it went just as fast on the day.

This cake is not just sew-sew

The lady is a keen embroiderer but wanted a simple round cake- sew this is what Caroline made for her. 

Jack Wills or won'ts?

When a teenager discovers designer brands she wants the cake to go with the pressies...

Luis Vuitton anyone?

If the brand is 'tasteful' the cake is tastier

Mulberry knock off?

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