Cakes for Children

Children love cake- they love eating it but they also love what it looks like. Caroline's cakes are usually the showstoppers at childrens' parties.

Cinderella's Pumpkin GTi

Complete with crown bonnet -mascot, metallic finish, gold-alloy wheels, liveried coach-mouse and edible glass slipper. 0 to crumbs in about 8 minutes.

Father Christmas in the bath

You don't often see Father Christmas in the bath but for some reason that was the request- complete with sooty footprints, 'Naughty and Nice' list and mince pies.

Who're you gonna call?
What was this child thinking?

So the little girl was asked what she wanted for her birthday cake- Peppa Pig, Bob the Builder or dinosaurs?






"Yes" she replied.....

A place in the country?

Fairytale castles are always popular, and they also contain a heck of a lot of cake!

OMG. They shot Cartman

If you're having a (paint) ball then you might want the cake to get shot.... rather than the birthday boy

a faller at the water jump

Ponies are a popular theme- naughty ones who jump in troughs and deposit their riders into dungheaps are less commonly asked for- but still asked for.

Noddy- still popular after all these years

Noddy cars are bright and boxy- just right for getting a lot of cake

The game's afoot

This gruesome zombie foot even has white chocolate maggots crawling out of its gaping wounds- yummy!

this dragon is poor....

Here be dragons!

...whilst this one is guarding his hoard
2012 Queen Elizabeth's Jubilee

Village Duck Race First Prize!


This was for a little girl who was desperate for a dalmation puppy. A dog is for life but a cake is for the duration of the party and not much longer.

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